About Us
Since Nigeria’s return to democracy in 1999, the country has experienced massive voter apathy. The factors responsible for this attitude include distrust in the electoral process, election violence, rigging, etc. Elections are a fundamental part of democracy – it is one of the means which citizens use to make their choices known and determine who leads.
Growing voter apathy is, therefore, a problem in Nigeria because a large percentage of the country’s population are not involved in the voting process. YVoteNaija is an initiative of Brain Builders Youth development Initiative which aims at increasing voters education through data driven engagement, orientating young Nigerians on the importance of getting involved in the process especially at the grassroot level.
The future of Nigeria lies on the choice of leadership we make. As demonstrated by the #EndSARS protests, young Nigerians are capable of mobilizing themselves to achieve set objectives. At YVoteNaija, we want this energy to be channeled into our electoral process