Voters Education
Understanding the voting process and the impact on the quality of leadership is crucial. Mass orientation of citizens on electoral process including the laws that guides it lays the foundation for increasing voter participation in elections.
Track My Vote
The use of technology to track election results and making it available in real-time allows citizens to actively engage in the electoral process and also monitor their polling units. This would be achieved by designing user-friendly platforms that are accessible to citizens of different demographics to monitor elections and report incidents in their polling units.
Know Your Electoral Laws
Our elections in Nigeria are guided by laws. These laws are accessible to the public but not many people know about it. Our work is to simplify these laws and make them accessible to citizens to familiarize them with the laws that guide their civic duties. This will also be done in local languages – Yoruba, Igbo & Hausa.
Get My PVC
Many citizens are disenfranchised due to their inability to secure their voters cards or replace lost cards. Out database will provide a rich resource for citizens to identify nearest locations where they can get their voters card, replace lost one and report any form of violations of their rights to vote. We will also embark on awareness drives (online and offline) aimed at educating Nigerians on how to get their PVCs. A major target area will be educating Senior Secondary School (SS2 and SS3) students who by 2023 will be up to 18 years and can be part of the voting population.
Prevent Electoral Violence
Prior to the elections, we will work with onground volunteers and compile a holistic list of areas that are known hotspots for electoral violence and work with INEC and relevant security agencies to mitigate likely reoccurences. Furthermore, through an easy-to-use platform, citizens will act as watchdogs to report potential violence during electionswhich we will alert the appropriate authorities on. Citizens identified are protected and information provided by them are treated carefully.
Conversation Cafes on Elections
We will have regular conversations (offline and online) on the importance of voting. This will cut across various age groups and societal stratas and will be simply aimed at emphasizing the importance of individuals’ participation in the electoral process.