PVC: YVoteNaija Make Case For Rural Dwellers
•YvoteNaija(Kwara Chapter) on Sobi FM

As the 2023 election is fast approaching, while the online Permanent Voters registration is still ongoing, YVoteNaija in a bid to sensitize citizens on the need to come out en mass and register for PVCs;  was at Sobi 101.9 FM on Monday on the 'HomeFront' Program.

The group was represented by the Kwara Central Coordinator, Mr. Ojibara Toyin Isiaq. 

He spoke on what YVoteNaija is doing to strengthen Nigeria's democratic system while encouraging citizens to make use of the opportunity of the ongoing Continuous Voters Registration to get registered in other to be eligible to vote in the next general election.

He also highlighted some key challenges with the online continuous voter's registration as lack of Internet access for rural dwellers, and as well distance of registration point and this can't be farfetched as a result of one registration point per each Local Government. 

Speaking on the way forward, the representative charges citizens to develop interests in governance as it has a direct impact on their various standards of living. While also urging INEC to make available more registration points in other to ease the stress citizens are going through in the course of going for registrations.

He concludes by calling out all Nigerian Youths to come out en masse in the next coming general elections to make the right choice.


YVoteNaija, New Media Team
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